Thursday Riding Club

From Early May we put aside Thursday to go out for rides with a small group of local people on local routes, sometimes we will box out a short distance. The routes we take will be posted here. If you are local to Oakfield Farm, free on a Thursday and feel like joining us email or message Nick and he will let you know what is planned.

20/06/2019 9 Miles done at Walk. Sunshine and showers with a drenching just as we got home. 16-18 degrees. 3 hours 30 mins. Lunch stop at Cross Keys (PH just by mile 6). Excellent food and safe grazing for the horses (see Thalia’s video below) A lovely ride with good company and a first for one of our number. Map is from the last time we rode this route as it was raining as they set off and Nick didn’t set the tracker off before he put his phone in its waterproof case.

23/05/2019 10 Miles done at Walk. Sunny day 18-20 degrees. 3 hours 10 mins. Lunch stop at Moors Valley (between mile 6 & 7). The Kiosk wasn’t open for food (too early in the season).

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