Spring & Autumn Shows

Our shows are run twice a year under the FEIF sport rules in general with a few exceptions specifically chosen to help the beginner and casual competitor.  

We are not affiliated to the Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain (IHSGB) and our shows are intended to be fun beginner and intermediate shows which allow advanced riders to practice and gain experience with their horses.

The Oakfield shows do not contribute towards FEIF UK rankings as they are not run strictly by FEIF sport rules. We do attract and welcome the more experienced UK riders and UK team members and always have at least one international judge who provides comments and feedback for every class.

The classes fall into 3 ability groups:

Novice classes:
Aimed at a range of people from those who have never competed on their first Icelandic to people who have had their horse a few years but have not yet won the class. When you win you move up to the Intermediate class (unless under 18). 

Aimed at horses who are not specifically bred for competition, often described as family, leisure or travelling horses.  They have tölt but it might be pacey or trotty, the action won’t be flashy or high, an economical travelling gait, the sort they can keep up for ages.  An absolute treasure to own and ride, extremely comfortable and the sort that you feel happy doing anything on. I have made sure that these horses can compete against similar horses as people sometimes feel they need a “competition horse” to take part in the show, which is not the case.

Intermediate classes: 
Aimed at slightly more experienced riders on novice horses that don’t show fast tölt yet, novice riders who have an experienced horse or an experienced rider who has competed in novice classes a few times and won the class.

A well ridden travelling horse can beat an experienced rider on a novice horse or a novice rider on a talented sport horse.  Intermediate classes are about consistency and getting and keeping the gait you are after.  A lot of people remain at the intermediate level permanently. If you have won an intermediate class you can move on up to open classes but you can also choose to stay at this level if you prefer. It is a place for people to learn and practice.

Open Classes:  Provided enough people enter each class we provide the FEIF Sport tölt, 4 gait and 5 gait classes. In these classes you will find people who have moved up from the intermediate classes as well as people who have competed at World Championship level. Anyone can enter these classes but we do recommend starting in Novice or Intermediate classes, at least for your first show.

Whatever the breeding or ability of your horse, or your experience level, you can take part in a show at Oakfield Farm and enjoy yourself.

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