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After the sad death of Nick in April, Oakfield is moving on in his spirit, making real the dreams we talked of, never imagining it would be so soon. As I write we are still in probate and it has taken a terrible toll on the estate. We have survived and there is enough for us to go forward and make the dream real, albeit at a slower pace than we had hoped. I am beginning to redevelop the site along with some wonderful people who will become trustees and help to direct the charitable foundation we think Oakfield will become, supporting Icelandic horses and competition, events, courses, craft and community – as we were already doing but in a more formal way. Please come back often to see developments.

Mo Hall – November 2020

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the sudden death of Nick in April 2020 due to a stroke after a short illness. As you can read below we were due to celebrate 25 years of the Oval Track this spring. As I write we are in the middle of probate but our intention is to continue at Oakfield as before. Nick taught us all well. Mary has decided not to continue with us although she hopes to still run courses here and we will be appointing a new trainer and horse manager as we are able, Covid permitting. We will be having a celebration of Nick’s life on the Friday before our September show (Friday 11th September) at dusk, where we will give Nick a flaming send off, as befits a wonderful wizard. All welcome, there will be a hog roast and we ask that you come in fancy dress, even if it is only to the extent of a label or badge saying “I have come dressed as (your name)” If you are coming to the show as an entrant there will be a fancy dress ride around the village in the afternoon and silly Icelandic games – beer tolt etc.

Mo Hall – April 2020

I have been organising Icelandic horse related activities for over 20 years with various trainers, riding weekends and shows twice a year.  2020 marks 25 years since we installed the Oval Track and we plan to celebrate this Spring with special events. See form below.

At the end of 2019 I returned to full time work and Mary Concannon has taken on my training committments and continues as our resident coach and horse trainer specialising in positive reinforcement techniques (clicker training) using obstacles to offer issue based training as well as her regular courses here when she is not running courses elsewhere.  Her website is Click That Horse.

You can book with her directly there or use the links above.  Mary offers hourly boldness training sessions every day except Wednesday and Saturday when she is not teaching elsewhere.   

The track is available for oval track familiarisation sessions before every show for our newcomers, these are publicised in Sleipnir (IHSGB official members only magazine) Set the Pace (Icelandic Horse Chat UK e-magazine) on the Facebook Chat group and here on the website.  

We continue to develop a  range of Icelandic horse and clicker training related activites that we hope mean every ability of horse, rider and Icelandic horse admirer will  be able to participate and have fun. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Oakfield sometime soon. 

Nick Foot – March 2020