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I have been organising Icelandic horse related activities for over 20 years with various trainers, riding weekends and shows twice a year.  I retired from my day job in early 2018 and Mo Hall(my partner) and I have been expanding the activities we offer from Oakfield since then. 

We have been joined by Mary Concannon as our resident coach and horse trainer specialising in  positive reinforcement techniques (clicker training) using obstacles to offer issue based training as well as her regular courses here when she is not running courses elsewhere.  Her website is Click That Horse.

You can book with her directly there or use the links on our Upcoming Events.  Mary offers hourly boldness training sessions every day except Wednesday and Saturday when she is in the UK.   

I also offer oval track familiarisation and gait training sessions.  Please email me to check availability for individual sessions.  We try and organise open oval track familiarisation sessions before every show for our newcomers, these are publicised in Sleipnir (IHSGB official members only magazine) Set the Pace (Icelandic Horse Chat UK e-magazine) and here on the website.  

We continue to develop a  range of Icelandic horse and clicker training related activites that we hope mean every ability of horse, rider and Icelandic horse admirer will  be able to participate and have fun. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Oakfield sometime soon. 

Nick Foot – March 2019